Nexplanon – My Thoughts

For about a year and a half, I have had the Nexplanon implant as my birth control. I had a hard time finding any information or reviews on this specific form of birth control, so I figured I’d give my opinion!

It started off really nice. It was very easy to have put it, although it was quite uncomfortable for the first week. I could feel it constantly, and there was a pretty gnarly bruise on my arm for a month. For about 4 months, I did not have a period at all. No spotting, no super light periods. No nothing. It was awesome. 

About the fifth month on Nexplanon, my cycles went crazy, and not in a good way. I would have a super light period for three days and then it would stop, but then four days later it was super heavy and lasted two weeks! My face started to break out horribly; almost as bad as my acne in high school. It was deep, cystic and painful as hell. Leading up to my wedding, having all of this happen was an absolute nightmare.

The week before my wedding was the start of the worst month of my life at the time. My cycle started the day after my bachelorette party, went through my birthday and my wedding, and then continued for another month. It was horrendous.

Overall, I am very unhappy with how my experience has been with the Nexplanon. It’s been a killer to my face and an annoyance to never know when my cycle will actually start. If you don’t mind any of these things, then the Nexplanon would be great for you. I plan on getting it taken out in the near future, and going back on oral birth control.

I hope this was somewhat helpful to you! Leave a comment if you have any questioins, or let me know how you’ve liked Nexplanon.

This is all for now!



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