How I Spent My First Wedding Anniversary

June 4 2017

9:00 AM – I woke up earlier than my husband, got up to shower and make breakfast.

9:45 AM – I meandered into our small apartment kitchen to begin making our anniversary breakfast and my personal favorite; crepes.

10:15 AM – My husband joined me for breakfast and we had a quiet talk about what we wanted to do for our anniversary.

10:30 AM – Husband left for work and I continued my usual morning of catching up on some YouTube videos and blog posts.

11:00 AM -My mother picked me up to take me to the Symphony Benefit Sale to look at a computer desk for work. I started to get a weird pain in my left chest cavity, but ignored it and thought it was nothing.

11:30 AM – We purchased the desk, a chair, and I found myself about 20 Vinyl records of Classical Music for my record collection. We then headed down to our store to put in the desk, and I still had some chest pain.

12:30 PM – We finally got the desk in with the help of my older brother and Uncle. We began moving desks but my chest pain got worse and began to have shortness of breath and nausea.

1:30 PM – My husband came to the Store from work to pick me up since I was feeling worse and worse, and he drove me to Urgent Care.

1:45 PM – We arrived at Urgent Care and had quite a frustrating experience. The receptionist was not pleasant at all. They even had a sign that said “IF YOU HAVE CHEST PAIN OR SHORTNESS OF BREATH, PLEASE INFORM THE RECEPTIONIST IMMEDIATLY.” But the receptionist was still being a nasty bitch and acted like it was nothing serious… I felt like I was dying, and now had been having cold shivers out of nowhere and dizziness.

2:30 PM – We finally were pulled back into Urgent Care and they hooked me up to these weird heart monitors that they put on my legs, chest and shoulders. Surprisingly, they did not have the capability to work with any sort of cardiac problems, so they sent us to the Emergency Room.

2:45 PM – We arrived to the Emergency Room and by this point I could barely walk I was in so much pain. We got checked in, and between this time and the next, I don’t remember what time everything happened, but here is what did: I got my heart checked again with the same sticky heart monitors, had my blood drawn and an IV put in my wrist (which was so painful I screamed), had my vitals taken and was asked what was wrong again… It was a long, drawn out few hours…

6:30 PM – They finally called my name to take me back to a bed. The doctor just left us there; Didn’t tell me if I needed to put on a gown or pee in a cup or whatever. Nothing. And it was so frustrating.

6:45 PM – A different doctor came in and asked what was wrong (for the umpteenth time) and ordered some labs and a chest X-Ray.

7:00 PM – Another nurse came in and told me that they needed to draw my blood again because the nurse who had done it before didn’t get enough for all of the tests that needed to be done. It was awful. I cried a lot. I wasn’t feeling any better. My chest still hurt so bad, and now had my blood drawn twice out of an IV that was shoved into my tiny little wrist. I’d had it at this point…

7:15 PM – The X-Ray technician came in and did the X-Ray so quickly; It was the easiest thing all day.

7:20 PM – I received a text from our Realtor that our offer we had put in for a house was accepted. I cried the first happy tears of the day. We would be starting the process of buying our first home, and we were elated!

7:30 PM – The doctor finally came back with the result ooooooooof: Mild Bronchitis. At this point, I was still in a ridiculous amount of pain. I have not had the flu or a cold or anything having to do with getting crap in my lungs. So this made absolutely no sense what so ever.

7:45 PM – We were finally discharged, which included taking out my IV. It was not fun. I cried again because it hurts so bad. But we left after being at the ER for 5 hours.

8:00 PM – We arrived to our Chinese restaurant of choice. We ordered appetizers to soothe our stomachs, but ordered our entrees to-go. We were exhausted.

9:00 PM – We finally arrived home. With how much pain I was still in, my husband took our dog out to do his business, and I prepared myself for food and sleep.

10:15 PM – My husband and I started up the new episode of Twin Peaks, and then John Oliver: Last Week Tonight. I promptly fell asleep shortly after we started LWT.

Definitely not the way I wanted to spend our first wedding anniversary, but it really brought us together as a couple. My husband had never seen me in that much pain, and had never had to comfort me as much as he did that day. We hope we have a more calm 2-year anniversary next year.

This is all for now!




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