A Side Of Me That Nobody’s Seen

November 25 2008

There’s a side of me that nobody’s seen
One that I usually hide
To avoid being left out
Or maybe even lied.
This side of me is different
One that is very new
Only my family has seen this me
The side of me that’s true.
Stuffing worms in my pocket
Climbing trees as well
Afraid of nature I was not
Something that everyone could tell.
Was named the “Crocodile Hunter”
Back when I had friends
Loved animals of all sizes until
Society had cut the ends.
Fearless to get muddy
I didn’t care what anyone thought
A destiny to work with animals
A dream I knew I’d sought.
I hated wearing dresses
I have never played dress-up
Played soccer with my brothers instead
Until we used the day enough.
I wasn’t afraid of getting hurt
Not knowing what lay ahead
The day my uncle died I knew
That my innocence was now dead.
He taught me how to go fishing, he did,
And I caught my very first fish
I never knew I could do it though
And he had satisfied my wish.
I wasn’t scared to hold it
‘Twas wet, slimy and cold
My uncle told me how old it could be
And I said, “Holy cow, that’s old!”
We went hiking a lot when I was young
And I loved the feeling of being free
However, when we drove home I saw
Some people cutting down the trees.
My family made fun of my saying:
“Save the trees!” I’d say
They screamed of laughter and made fun of me
They still do to this day.
I’d make up my own sports
Even my own words
People would hear me say them and
They’d tell me that I’m a nerd.
I wanted to get glasses, but,
Not only ‘cause my eyesight sucked
I wanted to prove my dorkness and
Go around running amuck.
I proclaimed myself an “orch dork”
Forever I am, ‘tis true
Never shall I give it up
Not even if you tell me to.

This is the side of me that nobody’s seen
I’ve spilled my secrets to you
If you read this, then you’re my friend
A friend that’s true as true.
I may be a bit different, though,
More lady-like, I know,
But inside, still, is the very real me
That eventually I’m bound to show.
I know that I’m a bit weirder than you
But who really cares about that
If you accept me for who I am then
I know I don’t have to fight you in combat.
So now, I’ve changed my ways
I am my old self once more
You helped me realize what was wrong
And I’m just like I was before.


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