November 25 2008

I’ve been thinking lately
Thinking of you
And how it came to be
That I’ve become so disappointed
I thought I knew who you were,
The friend I knew
But now that’s turned to nothing
As for I’ve discovered a dark secret
I’d rather not know
Who are you?
Where has my friend gone?

Though I barely knew you,
You made me smile
But that smile has diminished
Into a concerned frown upon my face
I know you don’t feel the same for me,
But what caused you to change for her?
You chose her and changed yourself
To be with a group I know nothing about
You are hidden from me,
In a dark world that would swallow me whole;
A world I would never escape
But you…
You have entered this world
And gotten yourself into much more
Than you bargained for
And I know this for sure:
Once you’ve gotten yourself in too deep
You’ll never escape from
The new being you have created
A disoriented version of yourself,
And I have to be the one to watch you fall

You’ll do things
You told yourself you’d never do
You’ll be thinking things
That never occurred to you could happen
You’ll hurt those around you
Like you never thought you could….
You’ll end up being like me,
The me I thought I knew
I did things
I never imagined doing
I thought things
I knew would never come,
Then again no
I hurt the people around me
As I was hurting myself…
I don’t want you to end up
Like the nobody
I had become
As you can see,
I escaped
While I still could,
While there was still hope…

You still have a chance
To get out of the dark world
That has sucked you in
I have faith in you
As every one of your friends does
The pain you feel now
Is only minor compared to
The pain later on
You can still save yourself
From what you’ve created;
Look in the glass mirror
And see what
Has changed
And become the real you
I know I’ve seen
Just look in the glass mirror.


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