About Me!

Hello there! My name is Elizabeth (Izzy for short, because Elizabeth can be quite the mouthful) and welcome to Izzle N' Things! I am a 26 year old who has thrown herself life, learning how to run my family’s small local business as a Master Pointe Shoe Fitter.

I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico (try memorizing how to spell that!) and raised in Washington State. I grew up in an Air Force family with three other siblings (an older brother, younger sister and younger brother). As much as I have moved around (Germany, Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oregon), nothing makes me feel more at home than some heavy snowfall and the smell of Evergreen Trees.

I first took a liking to ballet when I was three years old, spent eight years away from it, and picked it back up when I was eleven. What started as a recreational hobby turned into what I would have spent 13 years doing. I danced professionally for two years in a small company, and unfortunately had to take an early retirement due to injury. This lead me to my current job; the dance shop. I started working at my local dance shop back in 2015, and the owners were looking to retire and sell their business. They offered the shop to my mother, and because I beyond loved working there, my family purchased the shop January 2016. I manage the store with my family and a small handful of wonderful employees. We specialize in pointe shoe fittings and travel all over the country to service dancers' needs. I never thought that one day I'd be saying that "I have the best job ever," but I really feel like I do.

Things I Love

  • Classical Music

  • Vinyl Records

  • Havanese Dogs

  • Coffee

  • Baths

  • Thunderstorms + Rain

  • Cooking

Things I Dislike

  • Hot Summers

  • Unnecessary Drama

  • Stress

  • Awkward Handshakes

  • The smell of eggs

  • The iPhone's battery life