Hip Update


I really wish I was coming to all of you with good news, but I am more frustrated than happy about this situation.  

I was referred to a Hip Surgeon last week as a result of my Cortisone shot not really working like it was supposed to. I went to my appointment, assuming we would start a plan on how this surgery would fix my hip, how much it would cost, how long I had to be non-weight bearing, etc. The usual questions one would ask when preparing for surgery. My surgeon sat me down to look at my X-Rays and MRI scans to review where the problem was, and he seemed very puzzled. After explaining to me where a labral tear would be and what it would look like, he deemed that my hips were completely normal and there was no labral tear. 

My frustration shot through the roof. I had spent 10 months and hundreds of dollars trying to fix a problem that I don't have. Fantastic. In some ways, I should be happy that I don't have this horrible thing going on in my hip and don't have to have surgery. But it makes me so upset knowing that I was misdiagnosed, and that they have no clue as to why my hip is still hurting as much as it is.

In order to get down to who gave me the phone call and misdiagnosed me, I started with the Imaging center that did my Arthogram. I sent quite the nasty email (out of frustration) and got a phone call back almost immediately. The Imaging center is prohibited from directly calling patients and said they would contact my primary care doctor to see who made the initial phone call. A few days later, my primary care doctor called me back and confirmed they were the ones to diagnose me as having a labral tear. In their eyes, the way something in the MRI was looking, they deemed me as having a labral tear.

I now have been sent to a Chiropractor to see if my bones and muscles are moving correctly. This has been the most frustrating journey I have been on yet. I'll post more updates as more happens.

This is all for now.