Cured From My Hip Pain?!


I am in shock and awe today, and in the best way possible! I went and saw another chiropractor today, and not the one my doctors had recommended. Just as a back story of how frustrating this journey has been for me, every specialist my doctors have sent me to have done absolutely nothing to benefit me or  my health. None what-so-ever. My mom spoke with a Chiropractor in her Business-To-Business group about my struggle to a pain-free life. He's fairly new to the community, but everyone who has gone to see him have had nothing but good reviews and praises for the work he does and the help he provides. He had advised my mom to have me go to him if I didn't like the Chiropractor I was sent to. I hated the Chiropractor I was sent to, so I was completely open to anyone who said they could do a better job.

My appointment was just this morning, and I woke up with my usual pain when walking, standing, sitting, etc. When I got to the Chiropractor's Office, I had a few pages of paperwork to fill out and the guy I would be seeing talking with me while I filled the paperwork out. He was younger than I expected him to be; maybe 30 years old or so. He explained what he would be doing, and how it could make me feel relief from all of my pain. I then explained to him all of the doctors I have been sent to (including the other Chiropractor) and he seemed very disappointed at the service I received.

And at this point, we got crackin' (haha see what I did there?). There were several parts of my bone structure that were out of alignment, which can cause pain in other parts of your body. I had three or four rib cage bones, parts of my collar bone, bones in my feet, knees, hips and pelvis that were all out of alignment.

We spent a good 45 minutes cracking my joints and doing muscle tests to check and see if it helped. By the end of our session, he had me stand from a sitting position; one that would normally irritate my hip joints. When I stood from the bench, I felt no pain in my hips at all. None! I jumped and hopped and did a ton of grande plies like I would in my ballet classes and I felt nothing! It has been three years since I have felt this good! And knowing it was all from my skeletal structure being out of alignment puts me at so much ease.

For the first time in over a year, I felt completely elated leaving an appointment. When I was a professional in the ballet world, I was so skeptical about Chiropractors. I had heard so many horror stories about Chiropractors and how they had completely screwed up another dancer's alignment and since then I was always put off by the though of going to a Chiropractor. This single appointment has changed my entire outlook on Chiropractors, and I've already scheduled another appointment to get looked at again next week. He did warn me that I am going to be a bit sore around  my joints from putting them back into their correct alignment, but other than that I am so happy!!!

I will keep you all updated as I continue my journey to a pain-free life.

This is it for now!