My Travel Essentials

I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself or a bit weird-ed out that I keep a carry-on sized bag/suitcase of my travel toiletries... Oh well! Because I travel so much, I have accumulated quite a bit of extra travel sized products... Like a lot xD All of the products in the photos … Continue reading My Travel Essentials



October 25 2011 It never really occurred to me How bad I would really miss you After this tragic crime This accident that we would never see Coming, it hit your soul and you flew And I wish I knew that it would take me some time To realize that you are gone Gone and unable to … Continue reading River

Things Nobody Tells You About Going Through A Miscarriage 

I never thought I would be sitting here today, telling all of you about my miscarriage. It was unexpected, painful, and absolutely terrifying. It's unfortunate how common women miscarry during early pregnancy, though, it isn't spoken about that often. I grew up in a city where Sex-Ed Teachers' main focus was to terrify us to … Continue reading Things Nobody Tells You About Going Through A Miscarriage