Baby Names We Love, But Won't Be Using

I cannot believe I am halfway through my pregnancy already!!! It seems so crazy that 20 some odd weeks ago I got that positive pregnancy test and started the thought process of naming our son/daughter. Right off the bat I knew the first name I wanted to give my son, and figuring out what we would name a daughter was an adventure in itself! We definitely wanted to have names set and ready to go once we got our results back from Sneak Peak, and thus we will be welcoming Benjamin Clark to the world soon! 

We were left with quite the list of names I liked but my husband didn't and vice versa. These are names we for sure will not be using for any of our future children, so I thought I'd share them with you! Maybe they'll give you an idea of what to name your kids ;)  


James - This has been a name I have loved for so long, but it just didn't quite stick with our Irish last name. 

Greyson, Grayson, Grace - Another set of names we absolutely loved, but it didn't quite stick with our final short list. The different variations of how it could be spelled, or even used as a nickname or middle name was so nice! But, it just didn't stick. 

Yuri - This was one that my husband really liked, but I was unsure of. It didn't really match or flow with any of the names we for sure wanted to use. 

Oliver - Again, SUCH a cute name! Did not make the shortlist. 

 Luke - This was one we loved through Star Wars, but didn't flow with any of our favorites. 



Scout - I adored this name for a little girl! Short and sweet and has a sassy kind of feel to it. 

Celeste - This was a name that (again) we had a really hard time finding a first or middle name to go with it that felt right. 

Julia, Julie - This was another classic name we really liked, but didn't make the final cut. It came close though! 

Audrey - If you couldn't tell that we like classic names, this was another one! 

 Sophie, Sophia - This was on the top of my list for so long thanks to Howl's Moving Castle.


Well there you have it! Names We like but didn't make the cut for the babes! I would highly recommend using a name list and scrolling through it with your significant other. We discovered a few names we had not thought of for either a boy or girl, and we've kept them in mind for our next child. That is, if we choose to have more! And actually take uninterrupted time together for name picking. Jokingly throwing out names here and there is fun, but I felt it was a bigger bonding experience with my husband as we sat and discussed it as soon-to-be mother and father. 

That's for now my loves!  


~ Izzy

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My 1st Trimester Must-Haves

I'm going to be 100% honest with you guys; trying to put together this list was difficult.  The first 13 weeks of my pregnancy have been the hardest weeks so far. It was challenging to adapt every few days to what my cravings and aversion were, as well as my body changes - it was an experience to say the least! It took me a hot minute to compile this list for you guys, not because I didn’t have anything to put together, but because I misplaced my Pregnancy Journal where I kept everything and I couldn’t remember! Luckily after some digging around, I found it and was able to look back on some of the things I relied on to help me get through the first trimester of my pregnancy.

I’ll start with the very first thing I wrote down, and the one item I think was SO important - my water bottle. I was incredibly thirsty just a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant, and having it by my side helped a ton when it came to my nausea. I switched between a few different styles, and often landed on a Venti-sized Starbucks reusable tumbler or a Liter sized bottle I got from Walmart a few years ago. I would go through about 4 refills of water a day, give or take depending on what I was craving that week.

Other drinks that I often switched between were Bundaberg’s Australian Ginger Beer and a Honey Citrus Mint Peach Tea my husband would make me at Starbucks. The Ginger Beer worked really well in the afternoon and on my days off, whereas the Tea was a godsend in the morning. My husband was an absolute trooper in helping me find something that I could consistently drink that wouldn’t make my nausea worse.

Food related items for me were a jumble of just about everything. With how often my cravings and aversions changed, I kept a variety of snacks at work available for me at work and at home. Let’s go through this insane list. Jalapeno Cheetos, Fruit Snacks, Chocolate protein bars, Wheat Thins, Chocolate Pop-tarts, Chonga Bagels with Cream Cheese, Fiber One Bars, McDonald’s Ice Cream cones (specifically the cone), Taco Bell Crunch Wraps, Queso, Annie’s White Cheddar Mac N’ Cheese… The list could go on forever with how OFTEN my cravings changed! It was frustrating to say the least. Even the slightest spices would set off my nausea. I once asked my husband to make me plain spaghetti with butter, and as we usually do, he put salt and pepper in while mixing in the butter. As soon as I took the first bite I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish eating the spaghetti. Feeding me was a complete nightmare.

As my first trimester was through the majority of Winter here in the Northwest, I was constantly cold, and I mean absolutely freezing 24/7. I had blanket stations set up in just about part of my apartment with the exception of the bathroom and the kitchen. Neither of them had heaters, so the doors to these rooms were often kept shut. For the bedroom, I kept my heated blanket plugged in and turned it on about 30 minutes before I went to sleep so my side of the bed would be toasty warm. I kept my favorite knit blanket I bought from IKEA on my couch at all times, as well as my electric fireplace on before I settled into my spot on the couch. Blankets saved my freezing little booty, and helped keep myself content, even with my nausea.

The last item I had written down were my Prenatal Vitamins. These I took primarily at night before bed, as it would increase my nausea to the point where I’d get dizzy and it would all get a thousand times worse. With all of my food aversions and how hard it was to eat at all, my vitamins played a huge part in making sure I stayed healthy for my growing son. Even though I couldn’t get all of the nutrients I needed throughout the day, I got what I needed most with my Prenatal Vitamins. I started with the Up&Up Prenatal Tablets, but as my nausea increased (and my stuffy sinuses) I switched to the Gummies instead and both have worked equally well.

Well, there you have it! All the crazy things I needed to survive my first trimester of pregnancy! Let me know if the comments below what helped you get thorough the crazy first weeks of growing your baby!

This is all for now my loves!


Izzy <3

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