Baby Names We Love, But Won't Be Using


I cannot believe I am halfway through my pregnancy already!!! It seems so crazy that 20 some odd weeks ago I got that positive pregnancy test and started the thought process of naming our son/daughter. Right off the bat I knew the first name I wanted to give a son, and figuring out what we would name a daughter was an adventure in itself! We definitely wanted to have names set and ready to go once we got our results back from Sneak Peak, and thus we will be welcoming Benjamin Clark to the world soon! 

We were left with quite the list of names I liked but my husband didn't and vice versa. These are names we for sure will not be using for any of our future children, so I thought I'd share them with you! Maybe they'll give you an idea of what to name your kids ;)  


James - This has been a name I have loved for so long, but it just didn't quite stick with our Irish last name. 

Greyson, Grayson, Grae - Another set of names we absolutely loved, but it didn't quite stick with our final short list. The different variations of how it could be spelled, or even used as a nickname or middle name was so nice! But, it just didn't stick. 

Yuri - This was one that my husband really liked, but I was unsure of. It didn't really match or flow with any of the names we for sure wanted to use. 

Oliver - Again, SUCH a cute name! Did not make the shortlist. 

Luke - This was one we loved through Star Wars, but didn't flow with any of our favorites. 


Scout - I adored this name for a little girl! Short and sweet and has a sassy kind of feel to it. 

Celeste - This was a name that (again) we had a really hard time finding a first or middle name to go with it that felt right. 

Julia, Julie - This was another classic name we really liked, but didn't make the final cut. It came close though! 

Audrey - If you couldn't tell that we like classic names, this was another one! 

Sophie, Sophia - This was on the top of my list for so long thanks to Howl's Moving Castle.

Well there you have it! Names We like but didn't make the cut for the babes! I would highly recommend using a name list and scrolling through it with your significant other. We discovered a few names we had not thought of for either a boy or girl, and we've kept them in mind for our next child. That is, if we choose to have more! And actually take uninterrupted time together for name picking. Jokingly throwing out names here and there is fun, but I felt it was a bigger bonding experience with my husband as we sat and discussed it as soon-to-be mother and father. 

That's for now my loves!  


~ Izzy