Unfinished Basement Plans & Inspo

My Husband and I are beyond excited to plan out our basement. Before we even started house hunting, there were ideas that we had about what we would do with a basement. We know for sure that we would want a "Nerd Cave." A place for all of our electronics, our console collection, all of our video games and our gaming PCs. After going back and forth, which part of the basement it would go in, how much space would it take up, whether or not we should close it off with wall, we finally settled on an open floor plan. We really want the gaming room to be more of a den space than it's own room, making it feel a lot more welcoming... at least we hope!

Our laundry is also hooked up in our basement, and I have a very specific vision of what the Laundry Room is going to look like. I definitely want this space to be semi-closed off with lots of storage space. I hate having the washer and dryer sitting side-by-side, so I plan of having them diagonal of each other with cupboards in between.

We do plan on having kids in the future, and one tiny bathroom isn't going to satisfy all of us. My husband and I have always wanted a deeper and larger bath tub, and we love the Japanese style washrooms with the tub and shower in the same room. It would be completely tiled and have a drain for the floor as it will be an open shower. For the tub, we would have ledges placed all around it and small stairs leading up to it so we won't have to climb in just to soak in the tub. The toilet however will be completely separated from the shower room. It will be quite small, and have just enough room for a toilet and a small corner sink.

Lastly, there will be a third bedroom in the basement to make room for when we have children. Our biggest discussion thus far has been whether or not we would move our bedroom to the basement. It is just ever so slightly larger than the master bedroom upstairs, and would have to be fairly lit in order for us to be down there. It would also be really nice to have an entire floor to ourselves with our own master bath/shower room, the laundry room right there and a cozy set-up for snuggling and watching TV.

I spent almost an entire Sunday measuring our basement so I could accurately doodle out where everything would be. Here is our doodle of what we want the finished product to look like:

It will be so amazing to see the finished product of our completed basement, but for now, here are some pictures that we are using as inspiration for each room. All were taken from my Pinterest Boards, and I'll have them linked below if you want to find the original poster and whatnot :)

Laundry Room


Wash Room


Toilet Room


Nerd Cave/Den


"Master" Bedroom

This is all for now my lovelies!!!