5 Ways To Win My Heart


Love is such a complicated thing, and to be very honest with you, I didn't think I would be married by the age of 24. Never in a million years! I have always semi-described myself as a very complex, confusing person and anyone who had attempted to "win my heart" has always failed. That was until I met my husband. He did not fail :)

1.) Comforting Me

My husband has always been very good at this. Whether I was sad, happy, sick, or anything; he would be at my side. I have a memory of him driving to my parent's house one day when I was sick. He magically showed up with Ginger Ale, Lipton Soup and a variety of movies for us to watch to pass the time. It was so sweet of him! Literally melted my heart.

2.) Surprises

Now that we are a married couple, the simplest surprises are the best surprises. Like all of the dishes washed and a spotless kitchen kind of surprises. It's the little things I tell ya!

3.) Food

This one is a big one for me. A man who can cook me dinner is a man I will keep forever, and my hubby sure knows how to cook :d Or, if he brings me cookies. Or tacos. Or chocolate. Or coffee. Or anything super sugary that he knows I love! I love food, and my husband.

4.) Stupidly Funny Jokes

The best thing I remember most with my husband are all of the silly, hysterical jokes he makes nearly every day. He knows how to put a smile on my face even when I am furious.

5.) Snuggles

I am a huge fan of snuggling and cuddling and just being with someone. It was something I never really had in a relationship, and I am so happy that my hubby enjoys cuddles as much as I do :3

This is the first post of my "30 Post Challenge" I will be doing! This info about me is very useless to anybody due to already meeting my Husband.

That's all for now!