My Biggest Fears


Everybody fears something in this life, right? Some fears you can get over, and there are some that you reaaaally cannot. I fear 3 things, and none of which I think I could ever get over; Spiders, deep water, and drowning.

When I was very little, I woke up to a Hobo Spider in my bed sheets with me and about an inch away from my nose. This spider was bigger than a half dollar coin and was so hairy and gross. ECK! Even the tiniest of spiders gives me the heeby jeebys.

Also when I was little, I have had nightmares of being stranded in deep water as far as the eye could see. And something wold come get me, or I would get tired and drown. I believe what sparked this fear was waking up to the scene in Titanic where Jack sinks into the cold, dark ocean and is dead. If I cannot see or touch the floor of any sort of body of water, I will not go into the water. I don't do well with the ocean past knee-high water, I don't to lakes or boating over lakes, even ponds I get bouts of anxiety just trying to find the bottom of them. It is seriously so scary for me thinking of swimming out into a lake, getting tired or eaten by some mysterious monster that nobody knew lived in the lake.

I used to be scared of heights, but I have slowly been able to get over that fear with the help and support from family, and my anxiety medication.

Let me know what your fears are and why; I'm always curious to have a chat with you!