3 Easy & Cheap Stay-At-Home Dates


After you have been together with your significant other for a little while, it can be hard to keep that spark going without spending a decent amount of money. At least, this is what my Husband and I have discovered. First, we were saving for our Wedding, and now we are saving for our first home. So spending $100 on a fancy dinner date on a rooftop is really not ideal for us right now. Here are our 5 favorite Stay-At-Home Dates that are easy and fairly cheap! Disclaimer; Most of these 'dates' consist of the phrase "Netflix and Chill."

1.) Air-Popped Popcorn Movie Night on the Air Mattress

There's something magical about the sound and smell of air-popped popcorn. The Hubby and I love to roll out our air mattress, snuggle up in a pile of blankets and munch on popcorn. The only expense we have would be the $5 we spend on a couple pounds of popcorn kernels. Being close to my Husband is one of my favorite things. This date night idea may seem too simple and boring, but something very simple can be just enough.

2.) Scary Movie Night in a Blanket Fort

Again, we whip out the air mattress to snuggle! I surprised my Hubby with a surprise date night by setting up a blanket for in our living room to watch some of the newest scary movies that had been added to Netflix. And who doesn't enjoy snuggling with your significant other while watching a scary movie???

3.) Chinese Take-Out and a Card Game

I love getting competitive with my Husband. We are both avid gamers, and it does add a little spark in our relationship. On occation, we order in Chinese Take-Out from our favorite restaurant, and sit down with a deck of cards. Our most recent favorite has been Kittens In A Blended. We stumbled upon it at Pax West 2016 and have so much fun playing it!

Let me know what your favorite Stay-At-Home dates are! I'd love to hear (read) and get new inspiration!

This is all for now.