A Book...


Today, I would like to talk to you guys about a book. It was given to me as a graduation gift from the Chamber Orchestra/Band Teacher at my high school who had been my substitute teacher throughout my 4 years in high school. He and I did not meet eyes all of the time. In fact, I argued with him if given the chance; I was a pill in high school. This gift he gave me was a complete surprise. It was wrapped in brown paper with twine tied around it to give it some fanciness. He didn't say much, but that he was glad to see me graduate. On the inside cover of this book he wrote: "Happiness is achieved not by arguing all you want, but through appreciating what you have." The book he had given me was "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch, a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

It took me at least 6 months to finally pick up the book and read it. I knew that he had given me this book for a reason, and that reason would prove me wrong. All of those times I had argued with him.... I almost didn't read it out of spite, but alas, I did pick it up and read it.

It is basically a book about Randy's last moments of life with his family after discovering his terminal pancreatic cancer, and the last lecture he would ever give at Carnegie Melon University. This book made me cry endlessly. Reading about a man who's life was coming to an end sooner than he expected was gut wrenching. It made me so mad that I was right about this book, that it would teach me so many things that my teacher had tried to teach me.

Since then, the book has heavily influenced the pursuing of my dance career. That everything happens for a reason, even when I hit a brick wall and get so frustrated. That if I was good at something, I should pursue it with all of my heart and have fun with it, because you'll never know if today would be your last day on this earth.

I am so thankful I have this book, and if he had not retired the same year I graduated, I would have gone back to thank him. I recommend everyone to read this book, especially if you have ornery kids like I was who had a good time arguing and a hard time with things not going their way. It teaches such a great lesson. 10/10 would recommend.

This is all for now my loves!