My Dancewear Collection

Hey everyone! I am in the midst of packing up my apartment and used all of my dancewear to use for padding for my china. I know, kind of silly, but I was not ready to get out all of my fall/winter clothes to pack with that instead. I have just started taking open ballet classes again and had ALL OF THIS out in my living room... My husband was not happy!

I am quite proud of my dancewear collection as 90% of it was purchased from my local dance shop! It's kinda crazy that my family now owns the same dance shop I got most of this from. Shop locally if you have a dance store! We appreciate it more that you know :)


I guess I will start with my tights. Sadly, I got rid of half of my tights due to giant holes in the legs (whoops). Starting from the top left and across:

  • Gaynor Minden Adult Convertible in size Small and Medium for my leg length, 8 pairs total and the only tights that never ripped or ran
  • Body Wrappers A31 Convertible in S/M, A45 Mesh backseam convertible in Small, and A39 Microfiber in S/M, 9 pairs total
  • Miscellaneous Unknown brand of tights (literally have no tags) 3 pairs total
  • Danskin styles 603 and 71, 14 pairs total. These were the BEST tights available until the company filed for bankruptcy a while back and their machine that made the tights disappeared...
  •  Mondor, 1 pair
  • Eurotard, 2 pairs
  • Bloch, 6 pairs
  • Capezio #9, 1 pair


I was never a huge fan of skirts. I only ever wore them at summer intensives and when I danced professionally. Again, from top left and across:

  • Mirella MS12 in Black and some pattern that I can't read
  • Watercolors, 3 pairs in super fun colors. Way back when, Watercolors was bought out by Discount Dance and their products have seriously never been the same or as good of quality :/
  • 2 Skirts that I wore as a small child... and yes they still fit xD
  • 1 Handmade skirt by a dance friend's mom (Thanks Bronwyn!!!)
  • Motionwear 1000 in Black size Small. This skirt will forever and always be my go-to skirt. It's a perfect high-low skirt and super flowy!


Here are my array of dance tools that I used in some form. Whether it be stretching, strengthening, or trying to massage out my sore muscles! Again, from top left and across:

  • 2 of my Lucky Charms; Stephano the cat and my 'perfect gnome.' Both of these are huge inside jokes with the company I was with :) so many wonderful memories!
  • 2 of my Sweat Bandannas
  • Danskin "Waist Trimmer" that I used to make sure I wasn't arching my back at the barre
  • Yoga block to help with my over-splits
  • My tiny traveling foam roller
  • 3 Freed of London hip alignment belts... though I really just used them to keep my warmup pants up xD
  • Capezio Foot Roller
  • Spikey Massage Ball I got from Amazon; This little ball is life. Every single day before company class I would use this ball to hit specific muscles in my feet and it would help me SO MUCH at the barre and in center. 100% felt more in control and stabilized.
  • Suffolk's Dancer's Belt which came in handy when practicing variations
  • Massage Stick I got from Target
  • "Theraband" brand of theraband... it ripped so easily
  • Grishko's Strongest theraband
  • Suffolk Stretch Band
  • Amazon Theraband Set
  • Voltaren Gel that I used when I had my Ganglion Cyst
  • KT Tape
  • Ace Ankle Brace


I have decided to do a separate post about my pointe shoes. 1, because they are in my parents' storage unit, and 2, I have so many pointe shoes.

So instead, here is my collection of non-pointe shoe items. Again, from top left and across:

  • Sansha Pro1C in White
  • Jazz Shoes that I cannot for the life of me remember which company makes them
  • So Danca CH50 1.5" Character Shoes; These have lasted me through 100+ Nutcrackers!
  • Dr. Scholl's foot inserts while I was touring
  • 2 Pairs of Foot Undies
  • Bunheads Rainbow Lambs Wool
  • Baby Powder
  • Friction Block because I liked my pointe shoes tight but needed them to glide on my heels a little bit
  • Eye Drops
  • Band-aids
  • Matches
  • OraGel; This saved my LIFE when I had bruised toenails!
  • Alcoholic Wipes
  • Athletic Tape
  • Sansha Pro1C in Black
  • 2 Pairs of Bloch Zenith Slippers
  • Fuzi Canvas Technique Shoes
  • 1 lone Capezio Juliett leather slipper
  • 6 Sets of Bunheads Ouch Pouch.... 3 of which I shrunk in the dryer
  • 1 Set of Bun Heads Pro Pad
  • A Pair of cutoff socks
  • 1 lone gel toe pad that I tried once and hated it xD
  • 4 Super Spacers.... that I never actually ever wore....
  • White Grishko ribbon that came with my pair of White pointe shoes
  • Sample lengths of elastic
  • A bag of misc elastic
  • Bunheads Stitch Kit
  • More peach thread
  • White thread
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • A Bolt of Bloch's 3/4" Wide Elastic

Foot Warmies

I LOVE to keep my feet warm all of the time. I hate my feet getting cold, especially when I was dancing and on Nutcracker tour.

  • Sansha pointe shoe warmers
  • Mukluks in Grey/Black and Pink/Purple; Mukluks were my LIFE <3 I love them so much
  • Forever 21 Slippers... yes, I used these as dance warmups xD
  • Kitty Slippers (one is missing!) and they have rice socks that slide in them to keep your feet extra warm!
  • Random slipper socks I got for Christmas a loooong time ago
  • (Not Pictured) 2 Pair of Bloch Moon Boots in Hot Pink and Red

Leg Warmers

Does anyone remember Harmonie dancewear? Because this is literally ALL Harmonie Dancewear leg warmers, with some really really old legwarmers I got from my mom... :)


I'm not even going to try to list out every single one of my warmups. Otherwise we would seriously be here forever!


Dun Dun DUUUUUNNNNNN! I currently own 81 leotards. That's more leotards than I had regular people clothes at one point in my life.... And I've given away or donated about 20 other leotards.... HELP. I've put a star on the leotards that I absolutely adored! These few are the ones I chose for auditions, and special master classes.


I hope this was somewhat enjoyable for you guys! A dancer needs a lot of things to keep them healthy and strong, and fashionable! Huge thanks to my Momma for buying me all of my dancewear, and my dearest friend Petr, who gifted me some warmups and leos as well! I guess I am making it up to my mom now by running our dance shop for her ;)

This is all for now my lovelies!