A Good Rant About Film Scores


This post came to me after watching an extra "Behind The Scenes" of Game of Thrones. It covered specifically the composer, Ramin Djawadi, and left me with chills everywhere. Hearing him talk about the music he creates and how it's set for each scene and character is just - AH! For me, heaven is a place where I can eat all the spaghetti I want and listen to all of the Film Scores I want. There's something so special about the way music can make you feel, I and I feel that the music in most, if not all TV Shows and Movies are what makes it so amazing. I'm going to use Game of Thrones as an examples, as it is most fresh in my mind.


Let's use Season 6 Episode 10; The Finale of the season. It starts out kind of quiet and calm with a simple piano entering the Septum. Everyone who has been following the series has been speculating what could happen in future episodes, but it hasn't been 100% confirmed that it might happen. We already know that "Cleganebowl" was not going to be a thing, so what the **** was going to happen??? I remember sitting on my couch anxiously, watching the episode progress. We follow Lancel below the Septum, deep underground, the Cellos and Organ pick up as all of the speculation is confirmed; Wildfire. I still get chills up my spine thinking about the walls lined with barrels of the explosive goop. The minute Margaery mentions that neither Cersei or Tommen are in the Septumn, the music sweeps up and my adrenaline kicked it. The way the music builds up over the course of this scene is insane!

Imagine watching this scene with no music at all. Would it make you feel the same? The music tells as much of the story as watching the picture in front of your nose.

I'm not sure what else to say! Trying to explain the way Film Scores make me feel is like trying to explain why Earth hasn't been invaded by aliens yet; WE DON'T KNOW. It makes me think, move and imagine; I am so much more creative when I have something fueling that thought process for me...

I guess this is all for now :)