New Addition To The Fam!

This is Sprite!


I adopted her from the local shelter on November 9th! She was about 2 months old when I picked her up, and I could not be more happy that I did!

I never thought in a million years that I would one day bring a cat into my family. For one, I have cat allergies. Over the years, I have discovered that it is very cat specific and it really depends on the cat dander. For instance, my former in-laws have a white, short-haired cat named Angel. I have spent so much time in their home and with that cat, but I still have a slight allergic reaction when I am there. Especially if I pet Angel, and touch my face afterwords. It's not a huge reaction, but my face gets itchy and I break out in small hives. However, my best friends have two cats; a white, short-haired cat named Walter and a black, short-haired cat named Mitsy. I used to get the same allergic reaction as I would at my former in-law's home, but over time I have developed somewhat of an immunity to these two cats.

The decision to adopt a cat was so spontaneous. I had been thinking about adopting another dog so Pixel could have a pupper friend. The more I thought about bringing another dog into our family, the more I felt it would disrupt the vibe of my home. I was looking at the city's animal shelter and saw a teeny long-haired kitten named Izzy.

It was meant to be....

I would know how bad my allergies would be within the first 5 - 10 minutes of snuggling with a cat. So if I had a reaction, the answer would definitely be no cat.

So I went to find Izzy the Cat.

I got there, and there was no Izzy the cat.


There was a tiny black kitten the shelter had named 'Larson.' She was so cute and vocal and just overall adorable. A gal came over to let me see her and play with her and I snuggled with her for a good 10 minutes. She did nothing but meow and purr as I held her and I fell in LOVE with this cat. She had the most beautiful Jade colored eyes and I waited, and waited to have an allergic reaction. That reaction never happened. They put her back in her kennel and I ran to the nearest ATM to withdraw some cash so I could adopt her! I went back for her, signed the papers and whatnot, and the Pet store they were attached to gave me a coupon book so I could get everything she needed at a discount. Also their way of thanking people for adopting.

I really did not like the name 'Larson' for a girl cat, and I mulled over a few names trying to figure out what her name would be. Because she is coal black, I decided to name her Sprite. Mostly after the Soot Sprites in My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away, but also because 'Sprites' are a term in game development for the little characters and the animations are just a bunch of 'sprites.' I love to keep a nerdy theme going with my animal names ;)

I brought her home and she HATED Pixel at first. I think because he was 3 times her size... But now they are best friends and she loves tackling him and playing. Pixel has been such a sweetheart with her and is so gentle teaching her how to play and whatnot.

The vibe of my family is absolutely perfect and feels complete. I still have not had any sort of allergic reaction to her and I absolutely adore her. She loves to snuggle in my lap and purrs like a little machine! She is still super vocal and has doubled in size since I got her! She was spayed a few days before I got her and she just brings a little more light to my day.

The best thing about Sprite is that she was brought to the animal shelter by one of my co-workers! She found some kittens on her back porch (her dog had scared off the momma cat) and she was able to scoop them up and take them to the shelter! It was definitely meant to be!!!

I'll post some other pictures of her but I have two Fur Babies now!!!