My 2017 | Self Reflection


I did one of these posts last year, reflecting on everything, and it was very interesting to look back and see all that had happened! I plan to do this post every year after New Year's Day and just take a look on everything I went through for the year. 2017 Was full of even more shit than the year before. It's been so difficult at times, and once again, there were many tears and anxiety attacks and lots of changes!

I went on my very first solo business trip! I never thought I would be able to do something like this and it was so much fun! It was just me, a small carry-on and 4 suitcases filled to the brim with pointe shoes! It was very amusing to have random strangers come up to me and try to help me navigate all 4 suitcases. The whole experience was slightly terrifying, but definitely fun.

My husband and I begun our journey to home ownership by going to a First Time Home Buyer's Class. It made the idea of buying a home much more achievable than we thought. We were later approved for a bigger loan than we expected and began house hunting. As much as I loved looking at potential homes for us, it was so discouraging to put in an offer and be beat by a Conventional Loan or someone paying in full cash. The journey was rough and disappointing at times, but we got the keys to our very first home on September 15th and we are thrilled! 

I became an Auntie!!! My very best and dearest friends had their first baby and I absolutely adore her! It's been so crazy to have been able to see her the first day of her life, and now almost a year later, see how much she has grown and learned. We love to chase each other (especially now that she is walking!), babble to each other and snuggle. She is my favorite little person and I am so so So thankful that I get to be her Auntie Izzy. 

I was told by a surgeon that there is absolutely no labral tear in my hips at all. Literally nothing wrong with them. I unleashed my fury at the people who told me that I had a tear in my labrum and gave me a $700 bill because of it. I had never been more frustrated than in that moment. I later went to see a chiropractor that my mom had recommended, and he was a life saver!!! Literally in one visit, and I had no hip pain for weeks! I am nearly pain free now, and almost never use my canes anymore. 

I had two miscarriages this year, and they were devastating. One wasn't planned, the other was. Both equally as terrifying, equally loved for the short time I had, and equally heart breaking when it all happened. We've decided to wait a little while before starting to grow our family, so we have time to heal.

I somewhat got control of my depression and anxiety, on and off this year. I switched medications and went back to my doctors to go into specifics about the medications and finding the best combo for me. It has been a rough ride, but I am feeling okay so far...

I developed an eating disorder; a sentence I never thought I would ever in a million years say. It slowly crept up on me this past year, and I didn't actually realize it until I went on a business trip and barely ate the whole trip. I've hurt a lot of people in the process as well as damaged myself.  It's happening very slowly, but I am working on getting the help I need and taking it day-by-day. 

We adopted a kitten! It was very much a spur of the moment decision, but I am so grateful that it happened. Sprite is such a little sweetheart and so cuddly and we absolutely adore her!

My friend, and dance partner passed away Mother's Day weekend. It was a pain I had not felt since my Uncle died when I was little. He was my rock when we were on tour and the tears always start when I talk about him. I miss him so much and I still can't believe he's gone...  

I am so interested to see what 2018 has in store for me. I can only imagine all the ups and downs that are to come, but let's hope it's a memorable one!  

This is all for now my lovelies.