Our Engagement Photoshoot

The best advise I have ever taken in terms of planning my wedding was to book a good photographer, and it’s definitely advise I’ll pass onto anyone I know. I had a pretty terrible experience with my first wedding and the photographer we booked for it literally last minute, and I hated just about every photo that was taken. As soon as Jacob and I got engaged, a photographer was the first thing I started looking for. I searched high and low, looking at different settings, lighting, and the style that I was hoping for in a photographer.

And then I found Sarah Jane Brown.

I stumbled across her Vendor Profile on Wedding Wire and I immediately fell in love with her style of photography and her editing. And on top of all of that, I found that I was drawn to her personality, just based on her bio. I reached out to her and asked if she had our wedding date open, and thank goodness she did! We had a Skype meeting to go over the style we were hoping for, the possible venue we were looking at for the wedding, and which locations we would like for the engagement photoshoot. We booked a few weeks out, and we were more than thrilled with the entire experience. She made the both of us feel so comfortable and relaxed, which can be extremely hard for my husband and I. She was able to capture the most beautiful moments we have had, and I couldn’t be more grateful that we found her!

The location we chose was Downtown Spokane, almost the exact route where we had our first date, and our first kiss. We ran around for a good hour or two, and at first we were quite nervous to get our pictures taken. One thing I think is huge in searching for a wedding photographer is making sure you click, whether it be with their personality, style, or all of it. Sarah was just about the same age as both my husband and I, and had very similar interests; She was extremely easy to talk to, loved to laugh, and almost everytime we saw a dog we all stopped to look! Once we got past the initial nervousness (it was my husband's first ever photoshoot!), Sarah helped us sink into our usual selves and we got working! She caught every laugh, every glance, and even that look my husband gives me that nobody else ever has. Sarah captures and creates literal MAGIC with her photography, so here is a small gallery of our favorite photos taken that day. We could not be happier with how they turned out! If there was ever a recommendation I could give, I would just show these photos. They really do speak for themselves.