A Journey in Learning Swedish!


I have been trying to learn Swedish for about a year now, and I have completely failed. I get in this rut of wanting to learn Swedish, but having the hardest time remembering to practice! I am hoping that by doing weekly (or bi-weekly) posts about what I have learned will help motivate me to continue. I can't remember if I have mentioned this on my blog, but my grandmother's mother was the last person in her family who still spoke and wrote in Swedish. My ancestors migrated over from Sweden to the United States and travel on the Oregon Trail to the West Coast. I'm not 100% sure how much Swedish I have in me, but I have always felt a big connection to Sweden and it's culture. I would love to take a DNA test to see exactly where my ancestors came from and see how much Swedish is in my blood. My Grandma still has letters from her parents and grandparents that are written in Swedish, and I would love to be able to read them one day!

I might go into some Swedish traditions and other things that our family still does in another Holiday post, but for now, I'll just be journaling  my progress learning Swedish!


Jag lära sig svenska! Lärande svenska är mycket svårt. Jag använder en översättare för att öva skriva på svenska. Detta kommer att bli kul!

~ Izzy


I'm learning Swedish! Learning Swedish is very hard. I use a translator to practice writing in Swedish. This will be fun!

My Dictionary

Jag - I

Kvinna - Woman

Man - Man

Pojke - Boy

Flicka - Girl

att - to

en - a

och - and

äter - eat

ett - an

är - is/am

Han - He

Hon - She

Äpple - apple

Dricker - drink

Vatten - water

Mannen - Men

Kvinnan - Women

Bröd - Bread

Practice Sentances:

Jag är en kvinna. Hon äter ett äpple. Pojken och flickor. Mannen dricker vatten och äter ett äpple. Han och hon.