Going Away

I don’t know how to start this,

I'm not sure if this is right.

I think I'm doing the right thing,

But I hope I can do it by night.


To begin I have to say,

I know that I'm a whore.

One who tormented you until I got,

Right down to the friggen core.


I know you'll never speak to me,

Hate me, you do, no doubt.

Don't deny it because I know

That this is what it's about.


You'll never hear my voice again,

Or scream, or laugh, or cry.

You'll never hear me hiccup for,

This is my final good bye.


I'll go away during the summer,

Not once will you hear from me.

You should remember that I said,

School was the last of me you'd see.


I can disappear off the face of the Earth,

It'll be like I was never there.

You'll be so happy without me, I know,

It'll be something you have to share.


I can forget what has been done,

I hope you can forget too.

And maybe because I left,

You'll finally say "Thank you."


Soon enough you'll forget me,

My name, my face and all.

You'll forget the way I talked,

The way I felt so small.


Soon enough I'll forget you,

The way you broke my heart.

The way I fought with you,

Tearing our friendship apart.


One more year after this,

I'll be gone for sure, I know.

Going away to dance for life,

The feelings I couldn't show.


These are my last words to you,

My thoughts beginning to fray.

I'm disappearing from your life,

I am forever going away.

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment