Just A Dream

I can't believe I'm letting

You do this

To me

You invade my dreams

Making me feel

Like I have some worth

You took care of me

You held me

You loved me

You made sure that

The dark times of

My past

Didn't invade the times

Of the now

Of our family

Of our lives

But all of that

Was just a dream

I wake up

I see your face

And you ripping

My heart out

Right in front of her

To prove your love for her

As I fall to the pavement




How could I think

You would care?

I should have known

That these feelings

You had for me

Only existed in my dreams

I feel that this time

Giving up

Will destroy me

At it's worth

But in a way

I'm saving myself

From the pain

You would have

Put me through

And hurting myself

So you won’t to it

For me

In the end

I'll wake up knowing

That it all was

Just a dream.

Elizabeth MickComment