Letting Go

These feelings I have for you;

I need to let them go

The reasons for my doing

Is something left unknown

I know that you are younger than I

But I promise my feelings were true

My hearts shatters again since I find

That I'm giving up on you

You've chosen her instead of me

We could have been something great

I realize that it's not in my control

Or to mess with another one's fate

I know I'll never see you again

Or hear your voice once more

Contacting you I shall not

For I have lost this war

I know eventually that you'll forget me

Too busy to realize I'm still here

I'll disappear from your world and know

That in the future is this near

I've learned in the past to give up now

And not waste anymore of my life

Or waste my time on a boy who

Is cutting into me like a knife

So here I say my final words

As I fall to the floor, defeated

My love for you is no more

And my heart is no longer mistreated.

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment