So once again I sit here,

Only wishing I knew why,

These thoughts that have come back to me,

Are now making me cry.

I know I shouldn't be thinking of you,

But my heart refuses to let go,

Of the thought I once held onto,

And the feelings that I should know.

I hold the rectangular box in my hands,

My hands trembling as I trace,

Where you had written my own name;

And a thought I can't embrace.

The box itself came as a surprise,

As you did in my life,

Seeming so unimportant at the time,

Only leading me to a strife.

I glance back at the bright screen,

And see you've moved on, on command,

Away from me and away from her;

Something I dont really understand.

Through the dark hole that overtook my heart,

The slightest of hope remains,

That maybe you have changed your mind,

And that feeling you cant contain.

Feeling foolish as these thoughts return,

I collapse to the floor in tears,

A river flowing as I try to know,

Why this is the worst of my fears.

My body begins to shiver uncontrollably,

The only feeling I feel is cold.

The room around me begins to darken,

As I let the shadows take their toll.

My face falls to my hands,

As they're covered in the dark.

I wished I could forget my feelings towards you,

And left them where we did part.

I don't think my heart will heal,

Even with all this given time.

I don't ever plan on,

Trying to change you mind.

I can't feel any better than I do now,

Even in this cold, winter light of day.

But just know that I won't stop you,

If you decide you want to stay...

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment