Here, Now, And Forever

There are times

Such as these

When you think

About everything that's going on

Around you




The RA's

Looking at these people

You begin to see

What is going on with them

Lack of sleep

Fighting depression

Trying to stop your suicidal other

Dying friends and family


Broken hearts

Sore toes

Dead Pointe shoes

Bad hair days

Days when you don't feel

In the right place

And those darn dance belts

Once you're here

Your business

Is everyone's business


We are family

Stuck with each other

For five long weeks

But only

Five weeks

And once you think

About it really hard

You may never see

Any of these

150 friends you made

Ever again

But we all share

One same interest:


So who knows

Maybe in the future

We'll see each other

Once more

And remember the time

When Chris screamed out the window

Of a bus

At the drunk, dazed man

Or when Amanda

Finally got off her crutches

We all will have those

Crazy memories

About our friends

Through the tears we shed

And the laughs we spread

Remember those around you

Cuz' man

We only got one week

To spend

Make the best out of it

Say your final good-byes

And remember

The Summer Intensive Program

Of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre