I'll Write You A Love Story

It's late and I'm awake

Waiting to send you my best regards

So I wait and wait until

My eyes close shut and I drift off to sleep

I wake in the morning, inspired

By a dream of you I had

Scrambling to my pen and parchment

I begin to write a love story for you

Let me say first before I let your mind

Come to a set conclusion, that

It's not about me, and it's nothing to do with you

Its just a love story for you

I spend the whole day surrounded by piles

Chapter after chapter

Of this love story I write

Here and there in this story

Are a few emotions I have experienced

Maybe you haven't seen them yet

Soon, the light retreats from my frozen window

And I see your sent regards to myself

We talk until the thought reminds me

Of the love story I wrote for you

I send it to you via electronic mail

You receive it, you read it

And give me no response

You say your good byes without leaving me

A chance to say mine


It's late and I'm awake wishing

I hadn't written that love story for you

So I'll wait and I'll wait until

You come here and involve yourself

This love story I'm trying to write for us

My eyes close shut and I drift off to sleep

And I'll have a dream that

I'll write you that love story

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment