I'm writing this out of anger

Out of sadness

I need a way out

A way out of this madness

I've had a change of heart

And you should know

By now at least

This is not what I want


I don't have the drive

To keep doing this

To keep fighting you

I have a life that is entitled

To me

No, you don't have control over me

I'll be of age in two months

After that I'm moving out

I'll try to get a job and publish

What poetry of mine I have

I'll try to go to college

I'll do my best to keep going

And make good choices

But right now

I make my own decisions

This is my life

This is my future

I do what I want with it

I don't care if you say

I'm not staying in Spokane

To Hell with you

I'll move out

I have a place I could stay

I can get a job

You can live your life

However you want

But this is my goddamn life

Elizabeth MickComment