Anata Ya Watashi

I could tell

From the way you wrote to me

That you

No longer cared

As you used to

Nothing much to say

Nothing to be said

Long pauses

And empty spaces

Of emotionless reactions

I knew

You had found someone new

To feed your female interests

I was now

Last week's entertainment

Feeling as though

I pushed another friend away

Feeling slightly empty

Wishing things

Could go back to the way

They used to be

But that's life

People come

People go

Usually suspected

I wanted you


In  my arms

Like it used to be

But it cant

And you established this

Four nights ago

Four weeks ago



I miss you

More than I should

Not really knowing

If its me

That's causing

These losses

I hope not

I hope to God

That I an not

The perpetrator

Of these awkward


Then again

You make the choice

Not I

And life continues

As is