A child looking out the living room window,

Waiting for his father's return,

And maybe his mother will come home too,

Maybe her fate he shall learn.


Milky white clouds pass his gaze,

Wind rattles the nearby trees,

The sun shines bright in his eyes,

It's inception that he sees.


Maybe the world he's in now,

Is not the one he knows true.

Maybe in fact he's in a dream,

Where the sky may not be blue.


Objects may shift and morph on command,

People can change their face.

You can create a whole new life,

A reality you could embrace.


Take a nasty risk and fall deeper in,

This dream you created; a mistake.

Time will go on and who knows,

You might not ever wake.


In limbo you'll stay as the years go by

Grow old and soon you'll know,

That if or when you do wake up,

It's reality you'll never go.


You're mind will be bewitched by the dream,

So you'll never want to stay.

You'll soon believe the only way out,

Is death that will take you to day.


The time you lost, soon regained,

As you give up a profession of lies,

The decision you chose to change your life,

A decision you knew was wise.


The child turns his head in curiosity,

As a door from behind doth close.

A father walks in the room and sees the face,

Of his child as time doth grow.