Nature's Toll

A slight fog

Casts over the city of Milwaukee

Early this morning

The sky was gray

A slight rainfall

And all was quiet

This early morning


The clouds got darker

The rain got heavier

And thunder rolled

Between the clouds

Bright ribbons of light

Littered the sky


A clamorous rattle


After it

Visions impaired

Nothing but a static

Of rain

Rings the ears

Of all who can hear

In the distance

A tornado siren

Sounds an alarm

Police cars



Sound theirs off as well

In a frantic rush

To confirm that everyone

Is safe

A glance out the window

To see a car

Trapped in the middle

Of an intersection

Surrounded by the rapids

Of this hell of a storm

A traffic jam soon appears

As this flood got worse

It became apparent

That the city of


Had not experienced

A storm like this


The sky began to turn black

More alarms began

And nothing

Could be seen

A beam of lightning

Hit the ground

And stayed longer than it should have

Leaving two men dead

At the site

A thundering crash

Rolled ahead

Claiming the sky

As beams of light


Like tree roots

Branching out as far

As they could

Soaking up the energy

Left behind


Hours of this treachery continued

And the people of Milwaukee

Would not sleep well

Till the night's chaos

Was revealed

Among the streets