The Fog

I didn't think I would ever

Dream about you

Like I had last night

I didn't expect it

At all

Or ever for that matter

I thought I was over you

And I guess I'm not

The dream started out

Not ever about you at all

It was about my friends

We were having a good time

Then something happened

I got lost

People who wished me ill will

Suddenly appeared before

My eyes

And the dream was now a nightmare

But then a familiar face

Came running at me

She was so happy to see me

Along with my other friends

And you

I don't know why

But everyone

They were all crying

What had happened?

Nothing was explained

And the dream went on


We walked in a place I knew

We talked

Another boy in relation to you

Appeared at your side

Joining in on our conversation

Suddenly I had no idea where we were

A white building with many rooms

Bamboo trees surrounding the area

And the smell of alcohol disturbed me

Where was I?

But then you took my hand

Led me into this mysterious place

And told me everything was going to be


We walked up a narrow set of stairs

And began walking down a long hallway

We passed rooms with no numbers

People with no faces

No voices

Alcohol's presence was still sensible

We arrived at a door

The only one with a number

You opened it

The other boy raced in

It was a small apartment

You invited me in

And we sat and talked

Not about much

But still

Our conversation went on

However a knock on the door

Would interrupt our sanctuary

And the terror would continue once more


The door slammed open

A man with no face barged in

A bottle of Vodka in his hands

The aura around him hinted at the fact

He was extremely irritated

A mob of other faceless people

Appeared behind the first

It only took a few seconds

And you were gone

So was the other boy

But the mob a faceless men and woman

Still remained

Soon a mess appeared

I got scared again

I tried to get away from the drinking mob

But I couldn't

I found myself in a hallway

Still surrounded by faceless drunks

I somehow found my way

Back to where we were

And everyone I had just met

Were scattered around the room

With the one teacher I despised

Standing at the front

I stood behind everyone else

I saw you in the middle

Of this mob of twenty people

The teacher spoke

She began to read out names

You being one of them

Along with my friends

And a few that I had yet to know

And then my name was called

I was surprised

The others who's named had not been heard


And it was just the twelve of us

As we sat in silence


Past this

The only thing I really remember

Was your face

At the end of this dream

You were furious

The reason for you anger

I did not know

And I was scared once again

Though that face was soon forgotten

As I remembered your smile

That smile I never get to see

Is still there

When I close my eyes

I don't know why

I don't know if this dream

Has any meaning

But none the less

I woke up to a reality

That's just a fog

Clouding up my thoughts

About you

Elizabeth MickComment