This Is To You

I feel strange

So many things are happening

At once

We have finished what we started

Twelve years ago today

And the people I met

Merely four years ago

Have made decisions

I never thought they'd make

I am so worried

What will happen to them?

We are in such difficult times now

And I'll worry about everything you'll go through

The pain and the suffering

The long treks through the hot desert

I promise when I say this

I wish the best for all of you

But I don't want to see the day

Where you come home in a box

I feel so sad

I'd never thought any of this through

You are some of my best of friends

And you mean so much to me

I don't know what I'd do

Without you all

And this poem is for you

For all the times you made me laugh

For all the fun times during our lunch break

The times you made me smile when I was down

For just even being my friend

I am so grateful to have met you all

And I don't want this to be a good bye


It's just me

Saying I'm going to miss you like hell

And I'll be thinking about you


And I hope you get a chance to read this

So you know how much

Izzy really does love you

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment