One Of Those Days

White and black keys

Quiet piano plays

A ballad through the speakers

Of one of those days

Music floats through the room

Filling it with life

A sad aroma carries through the air

The aroma of a strife

A pair of mourning hazel eyes

Look out of a hotel's glass

Snow drifting through the sky

As time here does pass

The cold wind brushes through the trees

White flakes settle on the ground

A passerby walks through the street below

Not even making a sound

Stopping at a crosswalk

As two cars pass by

A screech, a crash and silence follows

As metal hits the sky

Above this crash an innocent face peers

Bags packed to leave for good

Authority comes to take their hand

Reasons misunderstood

A cab pulls up to the side of the street

The fleeing couple get in

The innocent face looking as they speed away

Running from their sin

Looking up to the sky

An airplane flies overhead

The hazel eyes look down on the city

With the many tears they shed

Snow passes by the glass

And floats down to the music hall

Where white and black keys be played

As this winter snow does fall.

Elizabeth MickComment