Message In A Bottle

I knew this girl

Way back in high school

Who never had a boyfriend

Though she'd been hurt

Over and over again


Her senior year she met this boy

He was new to the town

He knew nothing of the pain

Other boys caused this girl to feel

It was no surprise to me

That they became friends

All my friend ever talked about

Was this boy

How funny he was

His eyes

His smile

And being a poet like I,

She wrote him a poem

Confessing her attraction towards him

They hung out almost every day

And she thought that after a month

Things would change

It was nearing Christmas

And he took her on a carriage ride

Something I knew she found


And afterwords

He dropped her off at her home

They talked for a few minutes

Before she went inside

He told her in the kindest way

That he knew, that

He was not looking for a relationship

But still wanted to be friends

My friend made it sound like it

Was alright

That being friends with him was

A really good thing

But she had fallen to the floor

Of her bedroom in tears

Another broken heart

She knew she'd stay friends

With this boy who broke her

Heart and lead her on

And as they talked

Sometimes he'd show signs

Of affection, of attraction,

Saying only things one in love

Would say to another

And sometimes

He would seem emotionless

Like he never cared and

Wants nothing to do with her

And one day all these mixed messages

Made her explode


A few months passed and they

Remained friends

But by the time he realized

How much he loved and cared for her

She was gone

Her heart taken by another

And left behind your bottle of mixed messages

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment