Only Fools Rush In

Maybe this is how it's supposed to be

Here I am

A jar of my broken


The heart that's gone through

Death after death

Boy after boy

Yet here I stand with you

Holding my shattered soul

And piecing it back together

The both of us


You know the wise men always say

That only fools rush in

And by God

I am a fool

A broken fool falling too fast

For me to control

It may be just me and not


But I cant help

The pace of my heart

When your face comes into

My view

It's beating strong and hard

Wanting to escape from that cage

That keeps it from

Leaping into your welcoming arms

Too quickly

A wise man once said

To hold back until you know

Until you know that you

Are in love

Not infatuation or lust no


Take my hand

And I'll show you the path

That fate has set us on


Yeah, only fools rush in

And I am for sure

A fool

Elizabeth MickComment