The Fight Is Over

This fight is over for you

The war is lost

But we knew you were stong

Your battle wounds healed

That were caused only to save

To save your loved ones

Your family


Your friends who have become

Part of your family

And we watched as you fought so hard

To battle with these wounds

With your scars

Against the war

That has taken you away

We knew as the battle dragged on

Your wounds would run deeper

Sink into the cracks of your heart

That would pour from your soul

The day you left us

And our skin would soak up the pain

You left behind

Our bones absorbed it

Like a sponge

And we knew you'd lost

Your battle

This fight is over

But we knew you fought hard

We know you fought your


As your papa said to me

"Yeah, she's a fighter."

And we are proud of you

So very proud of everything

You've done to leave an impact

To our little darling

We know you are safe

The fight is over

And now you can rest

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment