This is not the first time

I've lost someone to this war

This horrid disease

It's becoming a crime

I've felt like this before

It'll be long 'till I'm at ease

A stream is rolling down my face

Like a mountain in spring

The current never stops

And I feel so out of place

With what this sadness brings

My emotions are at their top

And I'm so confused

How did this happen so fast?

I just spoke to this friend

This pain is such abuse

She was a big part of my past

Who has now met her end

I never knew that something like this

Could hit me so hard

Like a bullet to the chest

And I wish it would miss

Give me something to guard

I'll break away from this cry-fest

I'll bring you back

You'll rise and be strong

You'll defeat the disease

That seemed to lack

A knowing of right or wrong

Or needing to please

These hearts are broken

In need to heal

A hard time of loss

So give them a token

A chance to appeal

And the paths will cross

Don't let them forget

The souls you've touched

Your students will make sure

That they will protect

The hearts you've brushed

And somehow we'll find a cure

Bench by bench

The connected gather

Their tears create the river

And our hearts quench

For that thirst we'd rather

Shake than shiver

Over this dreadful downpour

That started the path;

The walk to your grave

In which this is for

On your behalf

Whom we wish we could save

A dozen roses

Lay at your feet

By these tearful souls

In statuesque poses

We wish to meet

Again through these holes

In our hearts

Caused by this horrid crime

That takes you away

In a thousand carts

Who've lost their prime

Yet we still stand today

Capturing the minds

Of so many young dears

And one day we hope

Others will be kind

To dry out our tears

We will soon cope

Your legacy lives on

You will not be forgotten

Your care for us all too

The way we made our bond

Yet sometimes growing up is rotten

And we will always love you

Elizabeth MickComment