Nature Boy

Is it wrong for me to want

To feel that kind of feeling

I felt so long ago?

The emptiness does haunt

This room all the way up to the ceiling

And down to the basement below

I yearn to feel butterflies flutter

When I see your face

And when you speak

My heart stutters

To feel safe in your warm embrace

Even when my knees are weak

I beg for the day that my prince

Charming will sweep me away on

His glorious white horse

In no way would you need to convince

Me to wait until dawn

Breaks to find the source

Of my extreme happiness

Oh, I wish for the day

To wake and see your face

Smiling after our scandalous

Events we dare not speak or say

What will happen at this pace

I've dreampt of you before

And my curiosity is not seeming

To help my wanting and yearning

For the love I wish to restore

And savor that wonderful feeling

That keeps me wanting you more and more

It feels wrong to want and wish

This more than anything I've ever

Dreamed of sharing

With someone to love and kiss

And know that our feelings would never

End as we are always daring

To love and be loved in return

Elizabeth MickComment