Terrible Things

I never thought

That this would happen again

I'd been a good girl

Avoiding my interests in the occult

And yet here they are

Depriving me of sleep

Frighting me with nightmares

My worst fears coming to life

In my one safe haven

I fear for my life once more

As chills are sent up my spine

And I'm paralyzed in my bed

None of this was my fault

It was he who attempted to

Destroy my life

My career

Out of lust and selfishness

He who wanted me for himself

And I will never forgive him

For what he's done to me

My hatred and pain towards

This delicate issue

Has wedged a hole in my heart

Enabling these monsters

To slip into my life again

I feel like a burden to everyone

To my roommates

My family

My few friends

I never wanted any of this to happen

To scare everyone

With this problem I can't control

I never wanted to hurt

Any of you

I feel awful

For keeping you up some

Sleepless nights

Worrisome nights

Filled with the darkness

That keeps clouding up my blue skies

Please don't go

I can't bear to lose

Another friend

Over an issue like this

I need you the most

And I'm sorry that I have

Become such a pain

For you to deal with

Please forgive me

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment