These Are The Nights

They came in the night to get me

To finish what they had started

So long ago

The invisible hands found their way

To my neck

And the first thing I thought of

Was you

I pictured your happy face

Your smile

And thought I heard you laugh

You were just here with me

The memories of our night

Still fresh in my mind

The feeling of your arms

Still around me

And then something incredible happened

Like nothing before

The invisible hands went away

I couldn't feel the dredful feeling

When it first came

I had won

The fight against this monster

Was over

And that was the night

I drempt of you

Reliving my past, however

It was the happy memories that

Played through

Up until now

Until this moment

This minute

Up till this very second

From the first day that I met you

And I feel these happy


Are sure to continue

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment