I See You

We were running

Running far far away

From something that was after us

The hunter was beyond cunning

Waiting until the sun broke the sky today

As we ran past the mighty truss

Of his old and failed realm

That was crumbling to the bits

As we passed through

You took my hand and helm

Ranting in wrathful fits

That would take a mouthful to chew

I was beyond fearful

This hunter was from my past

And could snake into my head

My eyes becoming tearful

As we arrived at an immensely vast

Orchard; We were misled

A traitor was among our tribe

And we knew our fate

Through what the white witch had said

What we had read on the scribe

Which turned us into bait

And we were left for dead

Your deep cerulean eyes turned

To me and loosened the grip on

My hand; I had to run

Something I had never learned

And before the demons would spawn

I would have to be out like a gun

Shot, I didn't want to leave

Your sight and stop gazing

Into your deep cerulean eyes

Knowing I would soon grieve

Over your body and blazing

Raise hell upon the skies


My eyes opened wide

And my entire body dripping with sweat

It had only been a dream

Gripping my aching side

I felt he was a real threat

And he was indeed plotting a scheme

But then there was you

Whom I haven't even met

Yet I felt so strongly for

My mind began racing through

Thoughts of how this threat

Was possible, my heart dropped to the floor

I gazed at the clock

I'm up hours before you will

Awaken from your deep slumber

Still bamboozled how our eyes had locked

The thought of your hand in mine sent a chill

Up my spine and had me seeing starts and numbers

Counting down the hours until

I will speak to you in the near future

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment