A Fool To Believe

I heard a sigh in my ear

Chills shot up my spine like

A rocket

My terror would soon begin

The day I had spent planning

Was supposed to end on

A fabulous note

But now had me on the floor

With tears dripping down my face

Like the rain that had poured all day

You would think one would learn

From one's own mistakes

I am one of those people

Who never do

I was a fool to believe any of this

Would ever work out

The decision to allow you

To look into my heart

Look into my soul

And feel what I feel

Has been the worst in a while

Whatever we might have had


Is now gone

Once again, I've scare you away

You passed part one

The story telling of my past

And now that I've begun

To expell my emotions through

The tip of this pencil

You're slowly slipping through

My boney fingers

And now the portal

Has been opened yet again

I've put the one's I care about

In danger once again

And I was a fool to believe

That everything would work out

To my favor

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment