I used to to think

That it was a waste of my time

To get to know someone

So well and then in a blink

Of an eye your actions were conceived as a crime

And you just want to be done

But then their silky scarlet voice

Sinks into your skin

And you feel their kind words

Seep through your bones by choice

As you begin to grin

At the birds floating in your head

The clock ticks away

And so do my many day dreams

About you

That have invaded the thoughts of today

Flowing like those silly streams

That keep my skies always blue

Just like your deep cerulean eyes

And that smile you hate

So much but I seem to love

I'm hiding through this disguise

To keep from carrying this weight

That seems to slip on me like a glove

When I share my feelings with you

Yet here I sit

Waiting to hear your silky scarlet sound

And this pixel-ed clear glass I see through

Not able to catch or grab a hole for my hand to fit

To save me from being drowned

In those deep cerulean eyes

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment