She's the one they all talk about

That girl

That one bone-skinny girl

Who eats her body weight

Everyone says she's got an eating disorder

Another one of those

Bullimic ballerinas

She says its her metabolism

But no one believes her

She is that girl

Nobody wants to sit with at lunch

Because of how much she eats

It's unbearable

She's the only girl under 100

The thinnest in the school

And nobody wants to be her friend

She's always eating

And talks about the strangest things

She's not like us

She has no common interests

With us

Nobody ever wants to be around her

She's so weird

And all she eats is junk food

It's disgusting

But she smiles

Everyday in class

Why is she so happy when

She throws up everything she eats?

She's that girl

Everyone picks on

For her unhealthy eating habits

And the girl that

Nobody is friends with

Elizabeth MickComment