Not A Want But A Need

Let me tell you about my career

The one thing I hope to spend

My whole life engaging in

And something I hold dear

My imagination spreads and can extend

Creating my interpretation on a whim

And I am dancing

I've never wanted anything in my whole life

As I have wanted this

Always working on enhancing

My lines and the fluidity of motion to the fife

That sings a song of sweet bliss

I've wanted this more than love

More than my need for acceptance

Or for anyone to understand

My expectations for myself are set high above

In the clouds where I set my confidence

To accept nothing than what I've planned

This is not something I just want

It is something I need

And I need it desperately

Not something I do, nonchalant

I need this for my soul to be freed

To show my love affectionately

I need this like I need to breathe

Like the water I drink

And the food I eat

It is my haven when I seethe

And unable to clearly think

My thoughts of this are concrete

Dance is my way of expression

Of telling you a story

Or just being a form of motion art

It is my obsession

My one moment of glory

At the barre when class starts

This is my passion

This is my life

This is what I need

Elizabeth MickComment