Wishing For A Cure

I feel my body shaking

As those words replay in my head

But I don't understand as to why

Those words make me wish I was dead

I'm not the one whom it's about

Though, in a way it affects me

Because she has introduced me to

This man I seem to see

He doesn't look like the human who would

Have this disease at all

He looks like a very strong man who would

Fight this and not make him fall

It is true that we just met

But we're secret twins no doubt

Our minds clicked and I knew

This disease isn't what this is about

I found it simple and easy

To open myself up to you

Even when I spoke of demons

It was something you saw through

And when you told me of your sins

The horrid things you've done, your flaw

I looked past them and realized

It twas the real you I saw

I haven't felt this way in a while

Never been teased before

Never been told to pretend you were there

To help me fight my war

I've never met a guy who's as sweet as you

And kind to me in so many ways

I wish that I could help you so

You can at least get the treatment to stay

I wish that I could hear your voice

Or see you face to face

I wish that I could see you smile

And light up this darkened place

I wish that you could hold me tight

And never let me go

I wish you weren't so far away

So I could let these feelings show

I wish I'd met you before

And I'd have more time than I do

I wish that my head made sense

So I could make even more of this true

I thought that I would let you know

Some things before this poem doth close

I don't know why I'm even letting myself

Write this down even as my fingers froze

I guess I'll start by saying

That I'll try hard not to cry

When writing this when I know

That in a few weeks you'll die

I've noticed that your're the only guy

I've ever come to feel for

Who doesn't have blue eyes, but brown

Something I've come to adore

Personally, your drawing amazes me

Like nothing I've seen before

Your poetry really moves me and

Makes me think about things even more

She's told me about your past

The disease, your shoulder, your heart

The drinks the sex the whole shibang;

It wont destroy this friendship that's begun to start

We both seem to think that nobody cares

But I know we are both wrong

I don't know about you, but it's true for me

That the care I feel is strong

Even though we really just met

I've felt like I've known you a while

If I could find a way to get to you

I'll guarantee I'll take the miles

For ever day that you're alive

I'll dance like it's my last dance

Even if I know you wont

Ever give me a chance

I feel like I shouldn't have told you

About my feelings and I think

I'm stupid for even saying so

And letting my broken heart sink

If you're still alive

When I'm professionally dancing

I promise to get you tickets and

You can see me prancing

If you're still alive

When I publish my very first book

I promise to send you a copy and

In my world you're able to look

I'm a silly girl who can't seem to  control

The fantasies that build up in her mind

No matter how hard I try

My feelings refuse to hide

I hope I get to know you more

In the few days to come

And maybe if you're still alive

I'll show you where I'm from

Unfortunately I'm crying a lot

Because I don't know what to do

I want you to know that whenever you need

I'll always be here for you

I guess I'm kind of babbling now

I'm running out of things to say

Maybe I'll think of more things

To tell you the very next day

You are amazing to me in every way

Your talents amaze me for sure

I promise that when I get a lot of money

I'll help you find a cure

Live everyday as full out as you can

It's you I'll never forget

Even if I end up crying myself to sleep

It's not only because I'm upset

I love you like a brother

You're my only friend who understands

I'm praying for you everyday

And I'll say hello whenever I can

Well I can't think of anything else to write

I'm going to miss you so much

And hope that in the end

In heaven we'll keep in touch

Elizabeth MickComment