The Unknown

I woke this morning


So many questions unravel in my mind

What did this dream mean?

A perplexing boy

Proclaiming an untold love

A secret kept for only days

And I

Staring in to the cerulean eyes

Of this boy I just met

Enchanted by his uncanny charm

The vivid sight of lush greenery

Statuesque landmarks

The airport

My first access to the city

But I was vulnerable

A pair of macabre boys

Stalking in the shadows

I was alone

Finding refuge in a rack of coats

Soon I was discovered

Taken by my mother

That was when I first took notice of him

Attending my first class

With a mentor I once knew

He was there

I couldn't dare speak his name

Or utter a single word

That was when he spoke of love

An eternal life with him

Elizabeth MickComment