Another Dream

Here we sit

Our hands clasped together

My head rests on your shoulder

As we watch the sunset

The aroma of your cologne

Surrounds me

And I feel safe

The safest I have ever felt

In the longest time

We shift

Your arm moves to my waist

Pulling me closer

Your free hand grabbed mine

And we talked

As I fiddled with you fingers

The butterflies still remain

Even when I am without you

I saw you again the other day

And was surprised to see

You eyes light up

The moment you saw me

It feels weird too

I didn't come here

Looking to find

That special someone


That was last on my list

I came to dance

But somehow

Fate put us on the same path

And I don't want to take

Any other

It's been hard

Boys seem to like

To shatter my heart

And so many times

Have I picked it up

And put it back together

Waiting for someone else to come along

To break it again

And I hope to God

That wont happen this time

I've missed these feelings

Too much

And if I break this time

I feel

It will be a long while

Until my pieces are put back


I just laughed at

My thoughts of

Last night's dream

We were like we are now

But you stood up

Looked me in the eye

And kissed me

It was the most wonderful feeling

And one I missed dearly

But it was just another dream

I took a shower

Shortly after waking

And was surprised

That the aroma of your cologne

Surrounded me once more

It felt as if

You could have been standing

Right behind me

Making sure that I was


But sometimes

I'm not alright

I'm falling to pieces

I'm slowly becoming ill

From being stressed out

Of my psycho ex-boyfriend

I wish I could tell you

What he did to me

I wish I could tell you

Everything that I've been through

And that I cry myself to sleep

Every night

Because I'm scared to death

And I wish you could have been there

Holding me tight

Like you did the other day

When we were just talking

And for the first time

Things felt okay

And I felt safe

In your arms

Like I do now

Elizabeth MickComment