At World's End

Three ships of men,

Wait at the gate,

Taken in pairs of ten.


Betrayed by their mate,

Beloved Ol’ Jack,

Awaiting their deathly fate.


All in one pack,

They began to sing,

Of what they had done, or lacked.


But now the last ding,

Has dropped them dead,

Still loyal to their King.


What they have said,

Will tell them all,

Where she should have them lead.


They answer the call,

Of the Brethren Court,

To solve what they will fall.


At the Shipwreck fort,

The Swann is claimed Queen,

Their problems all a sort.


They all had seen,

Released was a god,

To notice they weren’t keen.


Escaped from their rod,

And ordered a game,

The entire crew did nod.


They win and get fame,

Along with their free being,

Or lose and die in shame.


They watched the enemies fleeing,

Jumping, shouting with cheer,

Doubting what they’re seeing.


The story we hear,

Has been accounted for,

As nothing more than mere.